Wha we do

We integrate your business into the digital economy; Now you will have an alternative channel to market your services or products, through vouchers, gift cards, or memberships, which avoid cash handling in each transaction and facilitate integration with businesses at a corporate level (such as Sodexo Paz vouchers). We have the technology that, among other things, allows you to issue your own 'credit cards', and control the quota, the validity, and the general conditions of the service.

Common use case

It is very common in public transport systems to validate the entrance with a rechargeable quota card; With QRsugar you can implement an identical system, which discounts your balance in each movement or transaction, and which also allows you to recharge your balance. Another common use is for businesses that offer consumer lending to the customer. It is common to see how some clothing brands offer credit in dollars, to facilitate and promote the sale of their products. Implement this same convenience with QRsugar, so you don't lose a sale only because your client is paid until the end of the month. Looking for the perfect gift? Give away gift cards or vouchers for that person to come to the store to exchange it for an article of their entire liking among the store's products. With QRsugar you can generate this type of card or coupon, display them in your product showcase "Voucher for $200k" or also "Romantic dinner for 2 people" and give the customer alternatives so that they do not leave your establishment without buying.

100% digital or physical card; it's your choice!

Our technology allows you to generate your coupon offer instantly, avoid the need to wait for news from your local printer to put your consumer cards into service; simply define your terms, sell the service, and digitally notify the beneficiary of the gift they just received. He/she will receive a digital version of their gift vouchers in their WhatsApp.

If you need to deliver a physical version of the card, you can integrate the QR code generated by the system, to validate all transactions and balances deriving from any particular card and user, in your preferred mode (physical or digital).

How does it work

After the initial configuration, and having generated coupons for our customers, what we, as business owners, hope, is that the recipient of the coupon comes to our store, and presents the image of the coupon that he received on his cell phone or the physical card. This includes a QR code that, when read, will present all the details of the coupon in the browser; among other things, we will be able to know its validity, its quota, and the transaction history. Depending on the coupon plan type, that you have specified, you can mark the coupon as redeemed, in order to avoid its re-use, or you can charge consumption in $$$ until your balance is spent, not to mention that you can also process credits for your clients in case the modality is not prepaid but credit.

When processing purchases or payments to a coupon, a transaction is generated, which is instantly notified to the customer by WhatsApp and remains in our systems for later consultation. These transactions are also listed in the url of the coupon, which we access through the QR of the card; however, the information that the user or client sees is quite limited compared to what the system administrator finds when scanning the coupon.

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